Can Haskell give me a pony?

While discussing an improved IO interface for uvector, Bryan O’Sullivan made the following request:

<pumpkin_> bos: well, dons said it would be nice to have
                an O(1) conversion from UArrs to strict
                ByteStrings and back again
<dons> i'm not sure its possible though :)
<bos> pumpkin_: yes, it would be nice. i would also like a pony.

And of course, this being Haskell, you can have a pony! Though it might be more abstract  than what you were expecting.

#haskell is a busy place

Somewhat scary, but here’s the graph of kilobytes of text per day flowing through the #haskell IRC channel (90 day moving average), since the inception of the channel.

Yes, it is getting louder, and 1/2 a meg of text a day is pretty amazing. That’s a lot of Haskell chatter. The challenge for the community now is to ensure it remains effective.

Graph made with the haskell-gnuplot library plotList function, try it out!