Sunset over Portland

An amazing sunset last night, as the sky cleared over Portland just before the sun disappeared over the hills. I suspect the colours are due to all the ash in the air due to the fires in southern California. These are taken with my cheap digital camera, from our apartment in the centre of the city, looking west, and haven’t been altered.

Nice reflection in the glass.

Clear sky in the West.

Quite strange colours in the cloud.

Hac 07 II: Functional programming is an attitude, not a fashion style

The Haskell Hackathon action continues, on a lovely sunny day in Freiburg.

The big thing happening today is getting cabal to just work. In particular, cabal install will be the frontline in getting Haskell packages onto your system, and should never fail. Total functions!

Bjorn’s been busy hacking up cabal-install. And is that an xmonad user I see?

What’s this? People reading papers! This isn’t a library, its a hackathon!

And of course, this being the Haskell community, our hackathons tend to go deep, quickly:

Powered by lambdas and pizza!

Functional programming is an attitude, not a fashion style. We’re on to you, Python!

Other things being worked on include bytestring networking, bytestring ropes, xmonad, new monad transformer packages, and more. You can see new projects appearing on