The 7 Haskell projects in the Google Summer of Code

Congratulations to the 7 successful applications to do Haskell projects for the Google Summer of Code 2010. The quality of proposals was extremely high this year, and we look forward to more such excellent proposals next year.

The students who will be working on projects for this summer are:

  1. Thomas Tuegel, Improvements to Cabal’s test support
  2. Matthew Gruen, Infrastructure for a more social Hackage 2.0
  3. Jasper Van der Jeugt, A high performance HTML generation library
  4. Alp Mestanogullari, Improvements to the GHC LLVM backend
  5. Marco Silva, Implementing the Immix Garbage Collection Algorithm
  6. Matthew Arsenault, GObject-Introspection based bindings for gtk2hs
  7. Alexey Levan, Improving Darcs’ network performance

Well done all! And you can cheer on and support these students this summer — keep track of their progress on the Haskell Reddit, check out their code, and help with feedback and support.

And thank you to Google for sponsoring projects for the 5th year!

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