Parallel Programming in Haskell: A Reading List

I’m busy preparing a tutorial for DEFUN on Saturday, and was putting together the “further reading” slides for the attendees, so they have material to go to for deeper reading.threadscope

Here’s my basic “How to learn about parallel programming in Haskell” reading list.

Learn Parallel Haskell

Does anyone else have favourite learning materials for parallel and concurrent programming in GHC Haskell?

5 thoughts on “Parallel Programming in Haskell: A Reading List

  1. Hi Don

    You’ve missed out quite a lot of the GpH/GUM work, including
    a moderately comprehensive overview chapter, and some good
    results on distributed and multicore machines (superlinearity
    in some cases). I’ll pass these on to you.


  2. Thanks Kevin! Yes, that’s the big missing piece. In particular, what work has made it into GHC?

    Maybe the GpH/GUM people can start a blog on Planet Haskell to talk about the state of the art? I think a lot of people in the Haskell community have only rumours about GpH.

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