The Haskell Platform: Status Report: Haskell Symposium 2009

At the future of Haskell discussion, at the Haskell Symposium 2009, Duncan Coutts and I gave a status update on the Haskell Platform project: the project to build a single, shared distribution of Haskell for every platform.

5 thoughts on “The Haskell Platform: Status Report: Haskell Symposium 2009

  1. Don,

    Could you do me a favor? When posting documents online, could you please consider posting links to the source documents in addition to (or instead of) using services like Scribd, which require the use of proprietary plugins to view documents and prevent viewers from downloading documents until they climb a registration wall?



  2. Certainly, Tom. I posted the source a couple of days ago. I’m just trying out scribd to see if it helps make the talks more accessible. I’d love to know if people think this is a good direction to go for publishing all the talks we have in the community (~30 talks at the Haskell Symposium and the Implementors Workshop this week, for example)

    The original .pdf is here:

    Click to access hp-status.pdf

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