Hac 07 II: The 2nd 2007 Haskell Hackathon is underway here in sunny Freiburg, Germany!

The Haskell Hackathon is underway, live in Freiburg. In a lovely space, kindly provided by Freiburg University. This is the second hackathon this year, after the January one in Oxford. The attendee numbers have doubled, with nearly 30 hackers.

This hackathon is also the first to receive commercial sponsorship, with Credit Suisse and Galois, Inc kindly providing tshirts. It’s great to have commercial interest and support of the Haskell community!

Tshirt kindly modelled by Phillip Heidegger.

Underway, power is fed from the ceiling :)

Conal Elliot (middle) explaining applicative functors.

The cabal guys have a cabal corner, where they form their evil schemes.

Conal’s cool laptop mount.

The lambda factory.

Joachim getting us some power.

Lots of stuff getting hacked on. See the wiki for details.

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